The Blood Guard

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Carter Roy, The Blood Guard

Scholastic. ISBN: 9781407136998

Thirteen-year-old Ronan Truelove leaves school one day and discovers he's a member of The Blood Guard - an ancient order of protectors. He will acquire invaluable skills (in swordfighting, subterfuge and more); learn that he has magical talents he never dreamed of; rescue his parents from certain death and finally fall for the wrong girl and overlook the right one. Only then will he find out his true purpose: guarding a geeky girl computer genius, and by saving her, save the world.


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I thoroughly enjoyed the story, however, I did find the plot to be quite predictable in places and the end was, for me, anticlimatic. I would recommend this book for a young teen audience perhaps for 11 - 13 year olds.


Aimee, St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena  6 out of 10


An overall great book with a captivating cast & plot. The way the Magical element of the book is potrayed and explained is excellent.
10/10 and I would most definately recommend it to others as it is a truly excellent work of art.


Derren, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  10 out of 10


It was the best book ever!!!!!!


Aoife, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


I didn't like this book that much because I am not really into sci-fi, but someone out there who likes it would really love with it.Enjoy!!


Szabina , Sacred Heart College, Omagh  7 out of 10


I am not the biggest fan of reading but anybody would love to read this book. It is very hard to put down once you have started reading it. I would reccomend this book to all ages!


Lews, Sullivan Upper School  9 out of 10


I love love love this book as it really kept me reading. Some people say that this book is rubbish because it's non-stop action but I beg to differ. My favourite character is either Greta or Jack Dawkins. I'm definitely into books like this as adventure and action is my thing. So if you like adventure, mystery or action then you'll love this book too. This is my faourite book so far. My favorite part is probably when Greta is introduces as she is such a hilarious character. She is great!!! If there is a second book I'll definitely read it.


Shauna, Assumption Grammar School  10 out of 10


I thought this book was a great read i didnt like the look of the cover or the name but once i got a few chapters into it i was glued to it. I think you should give this book a try if you enjoy fiction. i think a book 1 and 2 should be published!!


callie, Culleybackey College  8 out of 10


Brilliant and intriguing story with immaculate twists to end off a spectacular read. This book had me gripped from start to finish and was surprised that the pure was under my nose the whole time. I hope that the author continues this amazing story.


Gerard, St Patrick's High School, Keady  10 out of 10


At first I didnt really want to read this because it did not look like a book i would usally read, but once i read it i couldn't stop reading! It was easy to catch on to and there should be a book 2 and 3.


Sarah, Sullivan Upper School  9 out of 10


Exhilarating thrill ride packed full of adventure, action, dazzling sword play, magic and nail biting moments, with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.


T, Wellington College  10 out of 10


I thought this book was just okayit wasn't really to my taste. There was a lot of fighting and violence in it. My favourite part of this book was when Ronan Truelove was in the boy's bathroom and the bad guys were after him. Ronan then climbed out of the toilet window and he jumped on a train. My favourite characters were Ms Hand because she was very evil and cunning and my other favourite character was Greta because she helped Ronan through think and thin. I also liked the character Dawkins because he had special powers especially when he got ran over by the lorry, he was able to come back to life.I would recommed this book to to people who like violent, fighting themes.


Kara , Sacred Heart College, Omagh  6 out of 10


I found this book really exciting. There was a lot of running, but that is what turns it into a fast thrill ride. There is some humour in it; not too much, not too little. Perfect! This should really carry on into a series as I am really curious about what happens next. I deeply recommend it!!


Zuzanna, Assumption Grammar School  9 out of 10


THERE NEEDS TO BE A SECOND BOOK PLEEEEASE! This book is so awesome that actually there should be a whole series.


Nishtha, Strathearn School  10 out of 10


A book with so many runs you cannot cope at all. I felt that I could and would never put it down (had to because I was hungry). At the end I thought WHAT? when I found out who the Head was. This is the second best fantasy/fairy sort of book I have ever read. (sorry, but Harry Potter is first). (That's a big rank to be on my list).


Nishtha, Strathearn School  10 out of 10


I loved this book. I think that it was very good and well detailed. I hope that there is going to be a second book!


Szimonetta, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


My favourite character was Dawkins he was outgoing adventerous with a side of mischevious it was one thoose books I couldn't put down if you haven't read it you should


Daniel, Carrickfergus Grammar School  9 out of 10


I really liked Ronan Turelove. The characters come alive because they are described so well. I really liked the theme of the book because it is adventurous. I would really recommend this book.


Bronagh, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  8 out of 10


This is a really really good book!If your into magic, crazy plot twists and just genral amazingness I recomend this! There are so many reasons I just cant explain but seriously read it! Also this is just soooo good and if there is another book coming out I will definetly be one of the first to read it!! The charecters are detailed any every single way for example most books I read all the charecters names are all borig and normal but look at his "Elyven Ronan True love" I know its a "bit" weird but seriously that kind of detail is why I READ!


Dries , Bangor Grammar School  9 out of 10


The Blood Guard is one of those adventure books that couldn't be better. Full of excitment and suprises The Blood Guard is a book that definitely will keep you reading. This page turner will keep you from putting this book down. Fantastic read for 11- 13 year olds. I can't wait for a sequel!


Katherine, St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena  10 out of 10


I think book is brilliant it has a great storyline and plot. After a few chapters you cannot stop reading, this is the one of the best books I have ever read. I recommend this book for ages 11-15.


Jack, Bangor Academy  10 out of 10


The Blood Guard was an amazing book. The book was so good I couldnt pick a favourite part. The only thing I could really say about it was some of the words were hard to pronounce so it confused me a bit. But other than that it was a brilliant book. I would recomend this book to anyone.


Erin, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  9 out of 10


I thought that this book was really good!!! There was a great plot, the characters were detailed, there was always something/someone that could surprise you (Jack Dawkins). The one problem with this book is that it ended. I recommend to anybody. Great read!


Nathaniel, Portora Royal School  9 out of 10


Great plot build, thrilling and exciting read. I couldn't put this book down!!!!
The characters were all introduced well and had unique but realistic personalities.
They only downside was Ronan's name : Evelyn Ronan Truelove, I understand why he was called Evelyn, but Truelove makes the book sound like a cheesy romance novel, which it definitely is not!


Genevieve, Wellington College  8 out of 10


It was a thrilling and exciting book that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It didnt make me want to put it down and i finished it in under 3 hours!
I found that the characters were interesting in their own ways especially Jack Dawkins who was my favourite character.
I especially enjoyed the bit when Evelyn Ronan Truelove's Mum deflects bullets with a sword.
I would recommend this book to everyone.


Jonathon, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  10 out of 10


The Blood Guard is a really exicting book, that draws you in from the start. I really like the idea of the 36 pure being protected by the Blood Gaurd. What I don't get is why would the Bend Sinster want to kill all the pure because wouldn't they die as well?
Apart from that I really enjoyed the book


Tomas, Portora Royal School  9 out of 10


The Blood guard was an enjoyable book that i quite liked. It had enough action and adventure. the one thing i didn't like was that it was really skippy. Sometimes when thry're going somewhere it would skip the journey and the would be there by the next chapter. It was as good book and i would reccommend people try it.


Sunny, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  7 out of 10


The Blood Guard captured my attention immediately. A terrific book and the characters were suited magnificently to the plot I think Carter did amazing as he kept the Drama all throughout as well as keeping the tension for the next piece of Drama the only thing is that it is a little too unrealistic


Dylan, Strabane Academy  9 out of 10


The Blood Guard was certainly the kind of book I enjoy. I love those action-based adventures, with the sharp witted characters and fast-paced scenes. It was exactly the kind of book I had been after for a long time.
When Evelyn Ronan Truelove (A truly unfortunate name for a thirteen year old boy) gets plunged into a world of deceit, plots, cunning and magic, he relies on help from his friends that he met along the way. There was a truly unexpected twist that I loved. It was incredibly enjoyable to read, though my only objection to the book would be the writing style. I felt it was much too event-driven, and needed a bit more calm in it. While I love the action scenes, you definitely need a pause for humor in any good book. But other than that, I thought it was an excellent read.


Holly, Belfast Royal Academy  8 out of 10


Truly thrilling book that grips you until you finish it!


James, Bangor Grammar School  10 out of 10