Counting by 7s

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Holly Goldberg Sloan, Counting by 7s

Piccadilly Press. ISBN: 9781848123823

Willow Chance is a twelve-year-old genius, obsessed with nature and diagnosing medical conditions, who finds it comforting to count by 7s. It has never been easy for her to connect with anyone other than her adoptive parents, but that hasn't kept her from leading a quietly happy life... until now. Suddenly Willow's world is tragically changed when her parents both die in a car crash, leaving her alone in a baffling world. Her journey to find a fascinatingly diverse and fully believable surrogate family is a joy and a revelation to read.


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This book was amazing. I was hooked from the very start and it is narrated in a way that is unique and makes it very interesting to read. It is funny but not too funny, and it makes you really care about the characters. I read the whole thing in one day - something that only happens when I love the book so much I read it in every spare moment I can get (and even some of the moments that aren't actually meant to be spare!) This is by far my favourite Book Award book, and one of my favourite books in general, too. I would really recommend reading it.


Anna, Strathearn School  10 out of 10


It was a lovely book. It was written in a way that made you feel all of Willow's pain and make you feel for her. It is a heart-warming book which I would recommend to all.


Ollie, Sullivan Upper School  9 out of 10


This book was amazing! This was a very moving, heartwarming, atmospheric book! I loved it! Such a chart topper!


Jill, Sullivan Upper School  10 out of 10


This book is very emotional, heart warming and always looks to the postive side of life, no matter what challenges you may face in life. There is always an up side to things. Willow found this out in the end ... mind you, it took some time, but she got what she wanted in the end.


Chelsea, Culleybackey College  10 out of 10


This book is really good book. The book was sad at some points.It was really sad when his parents died. I got why they called it Counting by 7s because everything was in sevens.


Ailish, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  10 out of 10


I enjoyed this book very much, it remined me a lot of one of John Greens' books "An Abundance of Catherines" and that is probably why i enjoyed it so much. The book does have a few sad parts but for the most part it is very enjoyable and even has quite a few funny moments. I did enjoy reading this book and would that recomend you read it too!


Louise, Culleybackey College  8 out of 10


What can I say? Holly Goldberg Sloan has done it again! I loved her other books but this was the cherry on top. Willow is our young heroine who is a genius in the least. Through the tradgedy Willow learns to be strong with help from her newly found friends. This great read that deserves an 11/10 gets my vote!


Sophie, Sullivan Upper School  10 out of 10


At the start it was a bit boring and sad but as it went on Willow was adjusing to a normal life (well as normal as it can be for a tweleve year old genius) it became more interesting and exciting. Definitely a very strong contender to win!


Beth, Assumption Grammar School  7 out of 10


I didn't really like this book. i didn't complete the book because I really was not interested. I really did not like this book at all. I just couldn't get into it.


Grace, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  3 out of 10


This kind of book really didn't fell like my type of novel at the start. But as soon as things started getting chaotic and Willow's parents died, for some reason I started to get into the feel of the book and found it was actually quite good.I also enjoyed when all the people around her thought she was cheating when actually was just very intelligent. In short this was just very good and although it wasn't my personal favourite type of book I recommend it to everyone!


Dries, Bangor Grammar School  8 out of 10


This book was fantastic , it was really good and it blew my mind away. There is no better way to describe it than to say it was extremely unreal. I loved the way Willow always counted everything in sevens. I would definitely recommend this to others. My favourite character is Willow Chance.


Aoife, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


At the start the book wasn't interesting, but as it went on it got more and more exciting. It turned out to be a great book with great characters and emotions. It is a really good book in my opinion, give it a try.


Szabina, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  8 out of 10


This was a good book in my opinion. The plot was good and you could tell it was well thought out. It was boring at some parts however but it was interesting because some people can relate to this. Overall it had a good ending and I enjoyed it.


Sunny, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  8 out of 10


This book was nice. I liked ( or really did not like) when Willows parents died. It made you read the story in a differnt angle. A different way. Over all I enjoyed the book but it was difficicult to get ihnto the book at the start.


Tomas, Portora Royal School  10 out of 10


I love this book so much that I have read it 2 times already. I think Willow rocks and she is sooooooooo smart, and funny in a way sometimes.


Nishtha, Strathearn School  10 out of 10


Although this book gives a good idea of what the world is like to a 12 year old genius, I found some of the ideas a bit idealistic, but that said, I don't think the story would have flowed so well if it had been completely true to reality. I mean this as in every little hiccup got sorted, which, although helps the story flow easier, isn't always the case. I didn't find my self thinking about this book in my spare time, but I didn't want to abandon it. I did enjoy Counting By Sevens and I would recommend it.


Amelia, Assumption Grammar School  6 out of 10


I really enjoyed reading Counting by 7s. Willow is an adorable little girl who is incredibly smart and loves gardening and the colour red. It is devastating when she comes home when she is older and finds police at her house, to tell her that her parents are... DEAD! :-( i really feel sorry for heer and if it was me in that position i would probably feel just alike her.


Rebecca, Bloomfield Collegiate School  10 out of 10


This book was addictive. I was so engrossed from the beginning. I really enjoyed it. I liked Willow the best because she counted by sevens. It was really sad when she came home at the start of the book and the police car was there and told her that her parents were dead . That was so sad. I found that this made me want to read on to see what happened.


Emma , Sacred Heart College, Omagh  6 out of 10


I thought this book was brilliant! I didn't have a favourite part because I loved it all. My favourite charcter was Willow and Dell duke. I liked willow because she was very scientific and I liked dell Duke because he helped Willow through when she was going through a hard time. He understood Willow more than any one else. I would read this book again. Willow who is 12 years old came home one day from school and she saw a police car parked in her drive and the police woman told her that her parents had died and Willow is very sad and she never bonds with anyone until she meets a friend. They get very close and then Willow's friend's mum offers to take care of Willow until the social services can find her a real home. A the end I love the way she gets to stay with her friends mum.


Kara , Sacred Heart College, Omagh  10 out of 10


This heart-warming book is unbelievably addictive! Willow Chance is a young girl, which girls my age can look up to. Not only does she have a mental illness but her parents died in a car crash, and yet she still ends up with a smile. Her intellectual brains means she can speak many different languages and she knows probably more than any school teacher. This book got me hooked from the first word and hungry to find out more and more. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I would like to thank Holly Goldberg Sloan, the author, for writing this excellent book and for making me realise how precious my loved ones are to me.


Sorcha , Sacred Heart College, Omagh  9 out of 10


I really liked this book because it was very interesting and humourous at the same time as being sad. I liked the character Jairo Hernandez who believed Willow was his guardian angel and my favourite part of the book was at the end (which I'm not gonna spoil so you'll have to read it yourself!!)
I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to everyone.


Jonathon, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  9 out of 10


I really liked this book a lot. it was so nice to read. I liked the character Willow because she is really funny when she counts by 7's. It's sad for her because her parents died. Willow never really bonded with anyone because of her adoptive parents.


Bronagh, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  10 out of 10


Counting by 7s is amazing. It is probably one of the best books I have read this year! The story of Willow Chance loosing her parents and strugglisng to readjust to normal life is so captivating. Whilst some of the story was a little difficult to understand due to it being quite complicated, that did hardly anything to my enjoyment of this amazing book.


Luca, Portora Royal School  9 out of 10


This is probably the best book have read this year so far! It's so much like real life, with tragedies and I just can't explain how much I enjoyed this book! I would read it again and I recommend it to everyone!


Nathaniel, Portora Royal School  10 out of 10


I loved this book! I read it a while ago, and the humour mixes perfectly with the more serious topics in the book (which I won't spoil). I'd recommend it to anyone who likes happier, funny books, but I'd also recommend it to anyone who would like a higher reading level. This is the first book in a long time that left me wondering what to do once I finished it. Great!


Kate, Methodist College Belfast  9 out of 10