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Time Riders

Info from the publisher

Alex Scarrow, Time Riders

Puffin. ISBN: 9780141326924

Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010. Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2029. Yet moments before death, someone mysteriously appeared and said, ‘Take my hand...’ But Liam, Maddy and Sal aren’t rescued. They are recruited by an agency that no one knows exists, with only one purpose – to fix broken history. Because time travel is here, and there are those who would go back in time and change the past. That’s why the TimeRiders exist: to protect us. To stop time travel from destroying the world...


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Amazing book and the best book I have read in a long time! It is very exciting and full of action. It has an exquisite story line and is very hard to stop reading it.


Ross , Bangor Grammar School  10 out of 10


Another gripping thriller from Scarrow's amazing mind, with guts, human splicing, 'emergency dumps', mutants and Nazi's, the result when horror meets action.


Daniel , Royal Belfast Academical Inst  8 out of 10


A fantastic read. Engages you deeply into the story as if you were sitting beside them. A great read for anyone you enjoys thrill seeking adventure books.

I can't wait until I get my hands on the next book in the series!!!


Patrick,  9 out of 10


This book is awesome! I really love it alot! I really love Sci-Fi books and this one topped them off.

Keep them coming, Alex!


Matthew, Wellington College  10 out of 10


This book was hard to get into at first but once I did it was really exciting and I didn't want to put it down. I liked the way it changed the different dates in time and there were a few cliff-hangers. I really enjoyed this book!!


Laura, St Patrick's High School, Keady  7 out of 10


Well done Alex Scarrow! I have now read all three books so far of the "Timeriders". I agree with many of the previous reviews. (History meets Sci-fi meets Genetics meets Environmental issues.) Definitely a gripping read. The plot is almost three dimensional, challenges the imagination.


Mrs V., Other School  10 out of 10


I really enjoyed the book as it keeps you wanting to read to the very end. In many cases it will only partially explain the situation at hand, so for you to truly understand what's going on, you will need to read the next chapter. The characters are also wonderful; from an everyday computer geek, a stewart from HMS Titanic, a mysterious old man and a huge calculating 'meat robot'. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Sci-fi and history - Great book!


Aaron,  10 out of 10


This was a very exciting book and it has pretty much everything that you would want to read, action, drama and mutants because of the nuclear bomb that kramer used to destroy the world!


Conor, Other School  10 out of 10


Time Riders by Alex Scarrow is a brilliant book. It is about time travel, which brings to mind the saying “Whatever you do in the past can have serious consequences on the future”. This book is about three people who have ‘saved’ from death in the past. They are recruited to help protect the future. But some people are desperately trying to change the future from a dying planet to something that could inevitably be worse than the world would end up anyway. But can the three Time Riders stop this from happening can they save the future. This is a really good book I enjoyed it. It has everything mystery, action and lots of suspense. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will the future change???


James, Other School  8 out of 10


It's enjoyable but sometimes it's quite confusing, not really an easy book to read. If you got past the confusing things then I think that you would enjoy this book very much.


Mollie,  7 out of 10


Time Riders is definitely my favourite book of all time and I will read all of Alex Scarrow books from now on. The story captured my attention throughout, as it sent people back in time to change history in Europe. The main characters have all been rescued from disasters themselves.


Sean,  10 out of 10


I didn't know what to make of the cover of the book, but when I read the blurb I was sucked straight into the story. The book can get a bit confusing, but it really is an amazing story!


Isobel,  10 out of 10


When all the boys in my class took this book I thought I wouldn't like it, but it is fantastic, I would recommend it to girls and boys. I thought this book was brillant!


Grainne,  10 out of 10


When I first picked this book, I was warned that it was a boy's book, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. An absolutely brilliant read and I would recomend it to any teenager interested in myths or sci-fi.


Eavann,  9 out of 10


This book was absolutely fantastic! It really pulled you in right from the start and the suspense was used brilliantly! Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down and neither could my friend! This book is so exciting and everyone should read it!


Catriona,  10 out of 10


OMG. Tá grá agam don leabhar seo. I love this book even though lots of people think it isn't. At the start I didn't like it but then I got into it


Caragh, Coláiste Feirste  10 out of 10


This book is really boring I got bored on page 50, I didnt understand the book at all. It sounded good but I got really bored and confused with it all.


Andrew,  2 out of 10


Great book with a nice plotline that will keep you reading on till the very end although I found some of the characters to be a bit predictable such as Bob the typical robot that gets feelings.


Eoghan,  8 out of 10


Is grá liom an leabhar seo. Bhí sé ceann de na leabhair is fearr a léigh mise, sula thosaigh an comórtas seo. I loved this book it was one of my favourate books even before this competition.


ciaran, Coláiste Feirste  9 out of 10


I enjoyed this book but found the plot quite confusing. I had trouble keeping up with all the jumps back and forwards and who could change history and who couldn't. I think that fans of Science Fiction would love this book.


Mrs Beattie,  6 out of 10


I loved this book! I found every chapter action packed and thrilling. All the varied characters were unique and great in their own ways which made this book a fantastic read. I thought the plot was laid out brilliantly and I found the cliff hangers very exciting. I loved this book so much I bought the second book "Day of the Predator". So far so good!


Dermot,  10 out of 10


ok but not the best. at the sart it was enjoyable but that just kinda died out


Conor, Other School  6 out of 10


This is an good book but not the best I've read it was not as exciting as I hoped it would be.


Morgan, Glenlola Collegiate School  5 out of 10


Obviously a best buy. I read this book and day of the predators (Which by the way should be in next years competion) and I am now currently waiting for the third book to come out so I can let my imagination form the image of what Becks will do to stop the time contamination and to see if her arm healed after that visous dinosaur attack. I still cant believe they regrew a girl support unit by a mistake. The fist one is the one that started it all it is clearly the first step in a classic that will echo through the walls of the history of science fiction books. Forever.



Rhiona,  10 out of 10


A book that started well and seemed to have an intriguing plot; I thought that the references to real historical events was clever, particularly the assassination of JFK. Sadly, I didn't particularly enjoy it - the characters are very thin and I felt that the plot was trying hard to cover numerous different strands from other sources - Quantum Leap meets Doctor Who and The Terminator who end up in Fatherland. I can see the appeal, but hope that the sequel will have more depth and less clutter.


Mr McDonald, Victoria College, Belfast  5 out of 10


Cool, awesome read. It drew you in. Good tension.


Paul, Wellington College  8 out of 10


When I read the first page of this book I was amazed by how brilliant it was. It does take a few pages into the book to really get to know the story.
The book was a mixture of different places all mixed into one, It was sort of modern mixed with futuristic World War II.
The author wrote this book it made you feel like you were there.
The plot of the story was full of action and adventure and the characters in the book were brilliant as well.
This was definitely the best book I have ever read and I am reading the second one at the moment.
I would recommend this book to children and teenagers, I would also recommend that you will read the second book.
By Joshua


Joshua, Methodist College Belfast  10 out of 10


This is a very good book! I loved how it started and finished, I couldn't put the book down!! The author Alex Scarrow is a great writer and I can't wait to read the sequel.


Lucy G, Coleraine High School  10 out of 10


I must say that I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed this book. Science fiction would not be a favourite genre of mine but, as I am constantly telling the pupil reviewers, you have to approach book reviewing with an open mind. The Time Riders police time in order to stop trespassers from the future changing things in the past. A new team of 3 characters, from different times and places, is recruited by being given a choice at the moment when they should have died. I thought it was a clever plot that made good use of important events in history such as the sinking of the Titanic and JF Kennedy's assasssination. The science was so much more believable than Blood Ransom and Bob, the clone, brought a nice touch of humour. It was quite a challenge working out the alternative history and times but the chapter headings helped avoid confusion. I agreed with Liam when he said, "this timeriding thing is making my head hurt". However, the constant use of stereotypical phrases such as "Jay- zus" to indicate that the character was Irish was irritating and unnecessary. All in all, it was an excellent read, one of my favourites so far.


Mrs Starrs, Coleraine High School  8 out of 10


Its a good book but I havent finished it yet but so far it is good and I couldnt put it down.


Robbie, Other School  7 out of 10


I am not avery big reader but the book seemed to interest me so I desided to get it and at the start the plane bit was freaky but still a very amazing I would definitely read it again and again Alex Scarrow is a very brillant author. In one word amaztastic


Andrew,  10 out of 10


I didn't really like this book. Although it was well written and exciting, I didn't like the way one minute it was 2001 New York and the next it was 1941 in Germany. It was hard to relate to the characters in the book but I have to praise Alex Scarrow for the amount of effort that he must have put into historical research to show how people were in the past compared to us nowadays. This book was all right but I don't think I would recommend it to my friends.


Sophie, Coleraine High School  4 out of 10




Alex, Wellington College  10 out of 10


Amazing book, couldn't put it down. It was very exciting and was full of action. I would definitely read the sequel!!!


Victoria,  10 out of 10


I didn't really like this book, it's very well-writen but it was a bit boring. It didn't capture you, it got better at the end and you could imagine the creatures but it wasn't really gripping. I liked Bob though.


Hannah, Glenlola Collegiate School  7 out of 10


This book was good but just not as good as Young Samurai!


Rhys, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  9 out of 10


This book grips you from the very start. It is written so well it is unputdownable!!


Rosi , Aquinas Grammar School  10 out of 10


This book was absolutly AMAZING!.
I have already ordered the second book in the series but im still waiting for the third one to come out in february 2011. My favourite charecters are Sal Vikram and Bob.
I definetly rate this book 11 out of 10.


Rhiona,  10 out of 10


100% 10 OUT OF 10


LEE, Other School  10 out of 10


To start with, I didn't think this book was really my type of fiction, but as I got into it I could not set it down. It's a really well thought out book with a plot that catches the reader's attention, showing you history while at the same time making it very interesting. Think about it... would you like to be told you are dying and then suddenly be given the choice to protect history instead? Sound interesting yet??? Go on and read the book :)


Marianne, Wellington College  8 out of 10


This book was really good. I can't wait for the sequel and everyone will love it!


Adam, St Patrick's High School, Keady  10 out of 10


Time Riders was an excellent book about 3 children: Liam O'Connor, Maddy Carter and Sal Vikram

Seconds before they were killed a mysterious strange man appears and tells them to take his hand.

But they have been recruited they are no longer part of the normal world.

Why them and not anyone else? What is so special about them?......


Alesha, Glenlola Collegiate School  10 out of 10


Time Riders probably has the best, well set out plot better than any other book I have ever read .It is pure genius!


JACK , Royal Belfast Academical Inst  10 out of 10


What a fab book - loved every page of it and didn't want to put it down. The opening was dramatic and mysterious, and I really got to like each of the indiviual characters. If you like a novel which has lots of action, takes you from one place in time to another, where you can learn about different historical events, then this the book for you!!!!


Caroline, Sacred Heart College, Omagh  10 out of 10


I thought that Timeriders was an ok book. It kinda dragged on for a bit then just had an abrupt ending to it. I thought it was too short in some places but too long in others but other wise it was a good book.


Enda,  4 out of 10


Sci-fi, action,time travel and Nazis all mixed together to make a fantastic read and a very promising series. If you like exciting, fast paced stuff with sharp corners and a lot of death and gore - you'll love this book.


Tyrone, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  10 out of 10


This was a very interesting book, but the sciencey gobbledygoop was kinda off-putting. Still, it was really gripping and I got through it in a total of three days!!! Which shows how hard it was to put down.


Rose, Coleraine High School  8 out of 10


Some of the nasty characters in this novel lingered in my mind for days after reading 'Time Riders'. Alex Scarrow draws a grim picture of post-apocalyptic New York after a disturbed Time Traveller goes back in history to re-write the events of WWII. I felt the main characters have the potential to be further developed in sequel novels, but there was still enough to keep me gripped throughout this one. I will be recommending it to my classes.


Mrs R,  7 out of 10


Has some swearing but other wise a great book


Hugh, Other School  9 out of 10


I thought this book was quite good. It was a great idea and he wrote it very well, but I couldn't really get that fond of the characters. The depth of Liam seemed to be him saying ''Jaysus an' Mary'' every so often to prove that he was 'Oirish'. It was still a relatively good book though.


Martha, Coleraine High School  6 out of 10


This book would make a good adventure/thriller for teen boys of all ages


Thomas, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


I thought it was a very good book and I would recommend this book to boys that love an adventure story.


Conor, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


Time Riders... What a Book! As soon as I read the first page I knew that I wouldn't be able to tear myself away from it. This is the ultimate sci-fi adventure which will keep you reading until the end, and even then, you are left begging for more and more. Time Riders is THE book of the year because it has everything. If you are just about to open the book, be prepared, because it will blow you away!!!!


Patrick,  10 out of 10


This book had very exciting bits in it, I liked the idea of a nuclear war and adventurers through time.


Cianan, Other School  7 out of 10


This is a book which really makes you think. It throws you right into the story and never lets you out. The chapters are very racy, sometimes a bit hard to follow, and the time travelling bits were a bit confusing but it's not a bad book, actually quite a good one. It never lets you get bored and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Some bits were a bit depressing though. I didn't think I would like it but I suppose it was quite good.


Samantha , Glenlola Collegiate School  7 out of 10


I thought that this book was terrific.I was glued to the page and each word brought you closer to the story. I was sad when I finished it because it was so great. It is a must read for all fiction lovers and anyone who likes time travel.


Michael,  10 out of 10


I thought this book was a real page turner. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen there is a great twist. This really can show us the effects of time travel. All in all a brillant book.


Maedoc,  10 out of 10


Bhain mé an sult as an leabhar seo. Moladh duit é a léamh. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it completely


Cónall, Coláiste Feirste  9 out of 10


The first of a new series. Time Travel with consequences not only for the world but for the traveller. Three children on the brink of death: Liam, Maddy and Sal. are offered a deal which means saying goodbye to their old lives.... at a price. The three make an unbeatable team fighting to save the world from imminent disaster. Good Adventure story for both boys and girls.


Mrs McConnell,  8 out of 10


This is the best book I have ever read and Iwould certainly recommend it to a friend young or old!


Andrew,  10 out of 10


This is the best book I have ever read!


Odhran, Holy Trinity College, Cookstown  10 out of 10


This is an amazing book! The plot is orginal, the characters are brilliant and the action is amazing. This is definitely a book I would recommend any one to read. I havent read it yet but I hope the sequel is just as good.


Jordan, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  9 out of 10


Great book easy to get into, hard to get out of! Didn't think I would like it but I did.


Lauren, Glenlola Collegiate School  8 out of 10


I thouht it was a bit hard to follow with all the time travel and time bubbles . I think it was a bit mean on liam because he was scared to drown then bob pulled him under .


caelan , Royal Belfast Academical Inst  3 out of 10


This is a breath-taking, action packed, exciting book. I thought this was one of the best books I ever read. If you like science fiction,action and history this is the book for you. I definitely would put this in the top three.


charlie, Royal Belfast Academical Inst  9 out of 10


a exciting book filled with twists, showing situations in different times. I found hard to put down!


Hannah, Coleraine High School  9 out of 10


I thought this was a fantastic book, with something for everyone. It has many exciting and unexpected twists that keep you guessing right until the end. A genius piece of work.


Adam, Bangor Grammar School  10 out of 10


Extremely brilliant book. it has a good story line and lot of action.Because of this I didn't even stop reading it all day


Christian,  10 out of 10


A very cool book which you can find hard to put down! It has lots of action and has an exciting twist!


Caleb, Bangor Grammar School  10 out of 10


A brilliant book full of action and humour a brilliant read


Aaron, Bangor Grammar School  10 out of 10